Smalla: Modern & Modular Yakisugi Saunas!

Smalla: Modern & Modular Yakisugi Saunas!

July 8, 2023
The Sauna Enthusiast Team

Introducing Smalla: Your Destination for Outdoor Saunas

In the midst of our fast-paced and hectic lives, finding solace and relaxation in nature has become increasingly important. And what better way to connect with the great outdoors than by immersing yourself in a sauna with a window to nature? Enter Smalla, a company dedicated to crafting outdoor modular saunas that seamlessly blend modern minimalism with the warmth of wood and a breathtaking view of the surrounding environment.

Experience the Pleasures of Nature and the Sauna Combined

Imagine indulging in a sauna session while surrounded by the beauty of nature, basking in the heat, and serenely gazing through a large window. This dream can become a reality with Smalla's outdoor modular sauna. Whether you have a small yard, a garden, or a picturesque spot by a lake or the sea, this compact sauna is designed to fit anywhere without overwhelming your space.

Compact Yet Captivating

The outdoor modular sauna from Smalla stands out from other buildings due to its compact size, quick construction time, and impeccable quality. Built with attention to detail and environmentally friendly materials, this modern structure meets all construction requirements while exuding style and elegance. The addition of modern lighting and large windows further enhances the sauna experience, immersing you in the beauty of nature.

Craftsmanship and Quality Materials

When you choose Smalla, you're selecting a fully built, insulated, and equipped modular sauna made by highly experienced professionals using top-quality materials. The exterior is finished with burnt (Yakisugi/Shou sugi ban) pine timber slats, while the interior features black alder siding and sauna benches, as well as larch plank floors. The sauna comes with a powerful wood-burning stove (an electric stove option is available), providing you with a mesmerizing view of the fire and an authentic sauna experience. With its sturdy base, the sauna can be easily transported and relocated multiple times, giving you the freedom to enjoy it wherever you desire.

Attention to Detail

The Smalla sauna is meticulously crafted, leaving no room for disappointment. Every aspect of its design and construction is carefully considered, ensuring a product that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. For those in search of a larger sauna, Smalla also offers modular sauna houses and modular houses (micro houses), combining reliability and modern construction.

Specifications and Customization Options

The outdoor modular sauna from Smalla features external dimensions of 2.4m in height, width, and length. It comfortably seats up to six people, providing ample space for a relaxing sauna session. The interior dimensions measure 2.1m in height, 2.1m in width, and 2.3m in depth. With floor joists, wall frames, and ceiling joists made of pressure-treated C24-graded lumber, and walls and roof insulated with 10 cm thick mineral wool, the sauna is built to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The facade showcases burnt (yakisugi) pine wood, while the roof is covered with an EPDM coating for durability. The sauna beds are made from black alder wood, and the walls are clad in black alder siding. The floors boast larch boards, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. The stove, a wood-burning Stoveman 16 with Harvia diabase stones weighing 140kg, provides a truly authentic sauna experience. The sauna is equipped with a double-wall chimney featuring a 22L water tank, as well as a tempered glass window and sauna door. The price for this exquisite outdoor modular sauna is 9.2k EUR (+VAT).
Should you desire a sauna tailored to your specific needs, Smalla also offers the option of creating a unique modular sauna. From personalized dimensions to customized features, Smalla is committed to bringing your sauna dreams to life.


Smalla offers a truly exceptional outdoor sauna experience that seamlessly blends modern design with the beauty of nature. With their compact and high-quality modular saunas, Smalla allows you to create your own retreat in the comfort of your backyard or outdoor space. Let Smalla be your destination for relaxation, rejuvenation, and the perfect sauna experience while surrounded by the stunning natural environment. Discover the allure of the Smalla outdoor modular sauna and embark on a journey of tranquility and well-being.